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May 4th, the International Firefighters Day

Firefighters of our community devote their lives to the safety of people and property. Their dedication takes the shape of countless hours volunteered over many years, or many selfless years working in the sector. In all circumstances. the ultimate sacrifice of a firefighter's life is at stake.

International Firefighters' Day is a day when we recognize and honor the sacrifices that firefighters make to keep our communities and environment safe. It is also a day to recognize retired firefighters for their altruistic contributions.

By proudly wearing or displaying blue and red ribbons, which the colors represent the primary elements firefighters operate with - red for fire and blue for water, or by participating in a memorial or recognition event, we can show our gratitude for the firefighters worldwide.

As a team that is developing a resource management application in collaboration with multiple firefighters and fire departments, we truly thank the unsung heroes of our community for their contributions.

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