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A breakfast at SF (NOT Tiffany) with our mentor Ms.Bagley 🍳

On a chilly and foggy morning (mind you this is a very typical summer morning weather in San Francisco believe or not), ACF PyroTamer team(a team launched 9months ago to develop “resource detection app” for the firefighters) got together at 55 Grace street (Non Fiction Company headquarter). This was an incredibly unforgettable moment for the PyroTamer team as they were about to meet for the first time in person as well as meeting their key advisor and mentor Ms. Bagley in person too “first time” of course.

And here is how each member shared their reflection of this extraordinary tale of “taste” and “mentoring” on that auspicious morning.

Coach Izzy: Overall the visiting Nonfiction and Ms. Bagley was not only nice and welcoming but also very helpful. Ms. Bagley’s comments and advice showed our team the next steps we would need to take for our project. These next steps would include: having a cleaner and easier to use UI, having the features be very clear and concise so that the Firefighters can take only a glance and know exactly what and where everything is on the app, as well as making sure we interview firefighters not only for testimonies but also to understand what they are looking for in the app. In conclusion, the biggest takeaway from this meeting was that we have to make sure that our product is better than the current solution that they have.

Daniel: Going to Ms.Bagley’s place was entirely a new experience for me. First of all, getting that “harsh” feedback made me realize how much more work there is needed for this app to be used in real fire situations, but it also motivated me to work on this application to have more features that can be useful to firefighters. With over a year in being quarantined, it was also fairly a “new” experience to present in person than on zoom. With most schools going back to in person for the new fall semester, I thought it was a helpful experience presenting in person. Even after our presentation, Ms.Bagley showed us her office and what she works on for the rest of the time we had. The work that she does was something that I have never seen. However, it was very creative of how these different projects are going to benefit us in the future in multiple aspects of human life. In the end, her work was very interesting and cool, and this experience helped all of us to improve our project.

Jermaine: The visit to Ms. Bagley’s workspace was beneficial not only to the team but also to me. Ms. Bagley’s comments showed us how much work we still had to put in and the amount of thought still needed to succeed in this project. From her input, she pointed us in a direction that we could follow and continue improving our project as a whole. Because school is starting soon, we will have a lot less time to work on the project. The ideas and tips that the ACF Instructors and Ms. Bagley gave to us will significantly increase our efficiency to continue to progress through our project. The workspace itself was very cool, and the projects Ms. Bagley’s team was working on were very intriguing. It amazed me how they were allowed to pick and choose which projects they wanted to work on, which will enable them to work on things they are passionate about. All in all, I think the visit was exciting and inspiring, and I can’t wait to improve our product and show our results!

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